Hi, I’m Jonah Richman,

I help coaches, healers and online educators to:

Attract Clients

Fill Your Group Programs

Earn a Healthy Income

I Teach a marketing and sales system that emphasises heart-based communication tools.

I’ve been marketing my own coaching and education business online since 2012.

And I’ve led over one hundred in-person and online workshops and have coached hundreds of clients and students.

How I BEGAN EARNING MY LIVING AS A Small business owner

Due to some unknown combination of genetics and imperfect parenting, as a child I felt immensely anxious when in pretty much all social settings.  

In my early 20’s I did two things that helped me feel relief and genuine happiness. 

The first was moving into an environmental sustainability focused intentional community where I felt a deep sense of belonging that I had been yearning for throughout my childhood.

The second was studying Compassionate Communication, a transformational modality that emphasizes speaking from the heart and deep empathic listening.

I learned that practicing empathy and vulnerability unlocked loving and joyful aspects of myself that I had been hiding behind a wall of fear.

I was so impacted by the practice of Compassionate Communication that I started a business as a Compassionate Communication trainer and relationship coach.

When I first began studying marketing and sales to grow my business, I felt a strong repulsion to the aggressive and hype-based methods that were being taught online.

This was not the way I wanted to grow my business.

So I developed my marketing and sale processes while staying ever mindful to not use false hype or manipulation.

I focused on creating authentic online content, offering entry level workshops and conducting deep empathic sales conversations. 

Now I help other heart-centered coaches, healers and educators earn a healthy and sustainable income through these same methods.