Would you like to:

Build a genuine heartfelt relationship with your online audience?

Invite in new clients or students in ways that feel authentic instead of manipulative?

Grow a business that supports you financially without making money your primary goal?

How I BEGAN EARNING MY LIVING AS A Small business owner

I’ve been marketing my own coaching and education business online since 2012.

I’ve led over one hundred in-person and online workshops and have coached hundreds of clients and students.

But it’s been quite a journey to get to this point .

I’m Not Who You’d Expect To Be A Marketing Coach

If you knew me as a teenager you wouldn’t have expected I’d be a marketing coach.

I used to walk through the halls in middle school afraid to talk because I had a stutter and I worried people wouldn’t care about what I had to say.

the joy of authentic self expression

In my early 20’s, I found a deep source of relief after discovering the practice of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), a personal growth modality that emphasizes speaking from the heart and empathic listening.

I was so impacted by NVC that I started a business offering workshops and private coaching.

Authentic marketing

That’s when I began studying marketing and sales.

Because I deeply believed in the power of authenticity and vulnerability as a path to a more joyful life, a lot of the manipulation based marketing and sales methods being taught online really turned me off. 

I even tried a few of them thinking that they were the only way grow my business. 

But, by following my gut, I eventually found marketing coaches and educators whom I deeply respected and who taught methods that felt good to me.

I was able to sell coaching services in multiple niches using authentic marketing strategies.

Now I help other heart-centered coaches, healers and educators earn a healthy and sustainable income without requiring them to give up their deeper values.

Learn how to grow your business online

Would you like to implement marketing strategies that are not only effective but won’t require you to manipulate people in order to sell your services.