I help coaches and holistic practitioners fill their calendar with clients by using just Instagram and honest sales strategies.

My mission:

To help coaches, healers and wellness practitioners build successful businesses so that together we can make the world a healthier, safer, and more welcoming and loving place.

My Background

Coaching since 2012.

Lead over one hundred in-person and online workshops.

My Expertise:

  • Respectfully selling 1-on-1 services
  • Instagram marketing
  • Authentic content writing
  • Niching and messaging.
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • Workshop scripting and facilitation

Personal Interests That Influence My Coaching

  • Buddhism and meditation.
  • Internal Family Systems
  • Nonviolent Communication.
  • Capoeira.

my personal experience growing businesses

I taught Nonviolent Communication and offered various forms of relationship coaching for 8 years before I started teaching marketing and sales.

While participating in sales and marketing programs and working with business coaches 1on1, I experimented with a number of different coaching niches.

Every time I changed my niche I started at the beginning again.

But, you know what? Each time I was able to successfully sell my offers, which included 1-on-1 coaching packages and a year long group program that I ran for two years. This is because I knew how to market and sell.

Since then I’ve been experimenting with being completely honest rather than saying what people want to here, to leveraging trust over hype, using empathy rather than fear in my marketing. I study Buddhist meditation and try to live by the buddhist precepts. Integrating this practice into my work has been wonderful rewarding to my well-being and my relationship with my clients.