Nice to meet you!

I’m an Instagram and social media marketing expert.

I help coaches grow a loyal following on Instagram and respectfully enroll new clients.

My Background

I’ve been marketing online since 2012.

I’ve lead over one hundred in-person and online workshops.

My experience includes social media marketing, workshop writing and presentation, Facebook and Instagram Ads and creating and marketing group programs.


Emotional Intelligent Marketing combines proven social media marketing methods and effective sales techniques with the power of emotional intelligence to help coaches grow a successful and honest coaching businesses.

EIM is particularly useful for coaches to already excel at deep and authentic relating.

I developed EIM while growing my Nonviolent Communication coaching business over an 8 year period.

During this time I joined a 24k sales and marketing program for coaches that transformed my business and doubled my income in one year.

But, a lot of what I was doing left me feeling like I was manipulating people.

I had a strong desire to have the same sense of safety and deep authentic trust building that was foundational in my Nonviolent Communication workshops to be mirrored in my marketing.

So I developed emotional intelligent marketing. A way of marketing that’s founded on transparency, authenticity and empathy.

Emotional Intelligent Marketing feels more true to my heart and has lead to wonderfully aligned clients who appreciate the difference in the way that I do my marketing.