I teach coaches how to get clients through compassion led marketing.

My mission:

To help coaches, healers and wellness practitioners build successful businesses and make the world a healthier and more fulfilling place.

My Background

I’ve been coaching since 2012.

I’ve lead over one hundred in-person and online workshops.

My experience includes selling coaching packages and programs, social media marketing, workshop writing and facilitation, Facebook and Instagram Ads, Nonviolent Communication, men’s work and Internal Family Systems.

From Shy Kid to marketing exPert

These days, I’m blessed to be able to do meaningful work from home and spend my free time enjoying my life with my partner and twin daughters.

But my life wasn’t always this way.

Before I was a marketing coach, I built a business teaching Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and offering relationship coaching. I ran this business for 8 years.

I was driven to learn marketing and sales for the same reason that I was driven to learn Nonviolent Communication: As child, I had a tough time communicating.

I had an extreme form of shyness called selective mutism. I’d often sit quietly in school, too anxious to say anything.

In an effort to overcome my shyness, I would over think, which only made it harder to speak up.

While doing tons of personal growth helped me with this, I experienced anxiety all over again when I started marketing my coaching business.

I became overly focused on trying to market & sell the “right way,” which caused me to lose touch with my authentic voice and my flow of self expression.

I now know, through research, personal experience and working with coaching clients for 10 years, that the way of out this perfectionistic habit is never over thinking.

The way I found my marketing voice involved a combination of inner work along with strategic guidance from businesses coaches, so that I could feel relaxed knowing that I was moving in the right direction.

These days, I post content almost daily on Instagram without stressing out about what to say…

… and clients are signing up to work with me every month without me having to use any manipulative sales tricks or extroverted fast talk.

My business is both an expression of me and a foundation that support me to live an authentic life.