I am Jonah Richman, and I help well meaning couples, families, and organizations proactively and safely resolve conflict and learn skills for communicating more effectively.


Conflict is always an opportunity for growth, but sometimes we need mediation or skilled facilitation to guide us through our emotionally charged conflict. I found myself in the latter situation and called upon Jonah to mediate. He was the only person I could think of who can remain neutral, hear both sides, and offer navigational tools that allowed us to address and deconstruct the obstacle in a safe and calm manner. I have witnessed him work through some demanding and challenging situations where I doubted we could get through, but his ability to stay grounded, clear, patient and calm truly facilitated movement and some deep healing. I highly recommend Jonah Richman to anyone seeking genuine conflict resolution or mediation. This is one of the greatest gifts Jonah has to share with his community and I’m proud to be a part of it.

Katrina Djberof

“This is powerful work being done that has the ability to effect change in our entire community. In this class we are learning emotional intelligence that can profoundly  deepen your connection to self and others. I would suggest it for anyone and everyone.”

– Brittany Whitman-Hall

I have had the pleasure of working with Jonah on a few different occasions. I have found each time to be enlightening and helpful. He has helped me gather my thoughts, gain some skills, and move through some difficult relationships. (if you can think of a better word for relationship that would be good). These new skills I have learned have helped my confront conflict much earlier, making it easier to move through. Jonah is confident and professional.

– Stephanie Elliott

“Jonah really created a sense of community and safe haven for me to learn how to more effectively and compassionately connect with others! 5 Stars!”

– Yangbin Wu

“I know now how to check my anger and pain. A main epiphany is recognizing emotions and needs of myself, while also honoring other’s emotions and needs by listening to them in empathy. Not overriding them with a response, but truly listening. People need to be heard, nothing more.”

– Piper Josephine

“Jonah has a friendly, easy style of teaching. He senses how the class progresses as a whole and fine tunes the pace of learning”

– Bob Fleming, M.F.T.

“Going through this class not only helped me personally but I can see what I’ve learned actively aiding my interpersonal connections. A real community builder :)”

– Phoebe Sager

“This class helped me become more aware of my world and helped me learn to better connect with the people in my world.”

– Claire

“The Compassionate Communication class taught by Jonah Richman helped me reach a higher understanding of my family members and peers, but especially of myself.

– Lucas Brister

“Jonah’s NVC class has helped me deepen my self-awareness and skills in putting NVC principles into practice.”

~ Charlene

“I feel grateful for Jonah’s presence and his teaching style. He is so patient and stays connected with the class. I appreciated the safety I felt.”

~ Sierra Chik


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