What is an Empathic Lover?

Have you felt so in love that you believed it would last forever?I imagine you have felt that powerful feelings in your gut that told you that you were perfect for each other.

I also imagine that by now you have discovered that these deep ecstatic feelings of love, like all feelings, come and go.

Being an Empathic Lover is not about holding onto our feelings, but about honoring the flow and dance of relationship.

Traits of an Empathic Lover:

  • Having an open heart and being emotionally transparent.
  • Seeking to understand and connect with your lovers true feelings, both joyful and painful.
  • Taking responsibility for your own joy and happiness.
  • Expressing yourself in a way that shows you are taking responsibility for your feelings
  • Having a strong support network so you don’t depend solely on your lovers


Compassionate, Authentic, and Sexy

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