Discovery Session

Schedule a 30-45 minute discovery session to discuss 1:1 coaching.

(I also offer free coaching in exchange for a short research interviews. This is a great way to experience my coaching style before applying for a discovery session.)

What to expect during your discovery session:

  • I’ll ask questions to help us both clarify your business challenges and goals.
  • I’ll share with you what I see our coaching relationship looking like if we were to work together, including intentions, marketing and sales strategies, and well-being/productivity goals.
  • You’ll have an opportunity to ask me anything you’d like. (I recommend reading through my 1:1 coaching info page and writing down questions before we meet.)

I request that you only apply for a discovery session if you have a serious interest in receiving, at a minimum, 3 months of 1:1 coaching.

To schedule a discovery session, fill out the application below and then I’ll send you an email after I look it over.