Empathic Lovers: Private Training Program for Two

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You are finally about to tell your partner that thing you’ve been holding in for weeks.  Now is the big scary moment.

“Honey, I don’t like the way you…”

They get defensive. You throw up your hands and think: This relationship won’t work if they won’t even listen to me. 

If this sounds like you, then you are not alone.

Communication breakdowns in intimate relationships are more common than most people think. Many couples separate because they are ashamed of how intense their arguments can get. Then they get into a new relationship and it starts all over again.

Fortunately, it is possible to experience deeper levels of trust, support, and shame-free conflict resolution in your current relationship.

Would you like to dedicate 6 months to healing and deepening your relationship?

This private training program is for couples who would like to:

  • Talk through arguments and tension with sensitivity and care.

  • Become greater sources of support for each other.

  • Ask for what you really want safely.

  • Create enough trust for you both to show your deeper selves.
  • Spend 6 months learning and practicing together, leading to lasting changes.

  • Gain communication skills that will benefit your relationship as well as individually for the rest of your life.

Program includes

An hour and half training session every two weeks plus “connection” assignments to do at home.

You don’t need to commit right away.

Start by scheduling a free 1 hour consultation with you and your partner. Ask me questions and get a feeling for how I work before signing up.





Why six months?

This program is for couples ready to get serious about improving their communication habits. 6 months of private training gives you enough time to practice and integrate these powerful skills. Communication development is not as simple as many self help books make it out to be. Our communication habits are deeply ingrained and take time and commitment to change.


My partner and I have been on the verge of breaking up. Will this help us stay together?

While going through this program will support your growth and connection, it isn’t meant to “fix” your relationship or “force” either of you to change. Whether or not you stay together is a decision that is yours to make and this program can help you make it. That said, when committing to this program, I strongly suggest you also make a commitment to stay together till the end. Think of it like a commitment trial period.

Do you work with polyamorous and open relationships?

Definitely. For open relationships to work, healthy and consistent communication is vital.




After your free consultation, if you decide sign up, the cost is $1490 of the full program ($750 with scholarship)

Payment Plan Option – 6 monthly payments of $260 ($130 with scholarship)


Ask about recieving a scholarship during your free consultation. A limited number are available. 


I am confident this program will be meaningful and transformative. If you are unsatisfied after one month I will give you a refund minus $250.