Empowered Relationships: Empathy Training for Men

Empathy (12)Spend 5 months with a group of men who are ready to take their relationship satisfaction to the next level.

Why just men?
Too often it is the woman (or just one partner) who takes the time to grow and change in a relationship. Sometimes causing us men to, figuratively and/or literally, be left behind. Would you like to create the relationships and life you want in the presence of other men doing the same?

But my partner needs to change too, right?
If you’re like most men, than you have a list of things that your partner does that you can’t stand. You think: If only they would change, than I would be happy.
In this you will learn skills for how to address the things your partner does that drive you crazy, and in ways that actually produce results you are looking for.
Working on your own “shit” with other men can help you grow in ways that you may not if your partner was present.

What if I am single?
This training if for singles too. Empathy training, along with becoming part of a group of men, will changes everything for you. Too many men search for love alone, making them more desperate. Rejection hurts a lot more when you don’t have other men to laugh it off with, and help you get back out there. The relationship skills you will learn in this program will be a powerful foundation for growing your confidence in dating and building the love life you want.

What if I am gay, trans, poly, etc?
Is this just for straight heterosexual monogamous men?
These skills work for all relationships, not just the culturally prescribed ones.


  • Learn how to bring your relationships back from annoyance and complaints to loving, supportive, and fun again.
  • Shamelessly pursue the love and sex life you want.
  • Build meaningful and supportive relationships with other men. They may last you a lifetime.
  • These skills will benefit all of your relationship, not just with a lover.

Course Components
-We will meet as a group one Saturday each month from 1pm-5pm.
– An important part of the training will be one hour practice sessions each week with a fellow man in the training. You will be practicing the skills taught in the group gathering and giving each other feedback. You will meet for one hour per week. I understand that these sessions can sound intense and/or too time consuming. Trust me, you will value them once you try it. You can also skip out on these session if you want. Just know that, without practice, this training will not have the same lasting and transformative affect on your life and relationships.

Feb 20
March 19
Apr 16
May 28
Jun 25

Each meeting will be 1-5pm at the Yoga Center of Chico.

Cost: $350.

Money issues? Special options are available.


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