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How To Invite Your Social Media Followers to Become Clients

2 hour virtual workshop with Jonah Richman

We’ve all been there.

You’ve invited your social media followers to DM you or take you up on a free strategy session and nothing happened.

Or you got a trickle of interest here and there and that’s it.

That’s why in this workshop I’m going to share the process that I used to enroll coaching clients with less 200 Instagram followers.

And it’s still working today to bring in new clients every month, even though my following is only about 1700 people as of Feb 2022.

The best part is that the entire process feels respectful and safe for your followers.

I loved Jonah’s workshop “From Followers to Clients”. It really delivered on the title. I learned ways to connect with fans and followers, that feels caring and considerate. It will sit well in the nervous system of sensitive introverts. Jonah created beautiful connection and engagement in the workshop. There was never a boring or dull moment – all the attendees were engaged and participating in every exercise. This not the run-of-the-mill boring presentation at all! Prepare to feel connected to the others on the call, learn in a wonderfully safe environment, and do exercises and practices that will be really useful and valuable to benefit your business in many ways.

~ Liesel Teversham, Coach for Sensitive Introverts


  • How to respectfully invite more of your social media followers to become clients or students.
  • 3 common ways that coaches miss opportunities to connect with potential clients online.
  • Two commonly overlooked ingredients that potential clients are looking for when they are considering signing up with a coach.
  • How to enroll clients even if you don’t know what your niche is yet (and how your enrollment process can actually help you discover your aligned niche.)

Jonah has a really unique way of bringing the conscious marketing approach to life and encouraging workshop attendees to examine their own practices and how to improve, change them. His class was a really special experience; I felt very connected, supported and as such unafraid to share.



  • 2 hours of training.
  • A recording of the workshop that you can re-watch anytime. 


Thursday, February 24 , 10am – 12:00pm Pacific Time


$15: Attend the workshop live from start to finish and receive a recording.

$75: Receive the recording and not attend live.

Why do I price it this way?

I want you there live! That’s where the magic happens! I facilitate my workshops with exercises and live coaching. Trust me, you’ll be glad you came live.