Free 1:1 coaching:

Are you a coach and would like to respectfully attract more clients?

As part of my business model, I interview two coaches a week about your challenges related to client attraction and the oftentimes confusing world of solopreneurship.

If you’re a coach (or aspiring coach) and are willing to be interviewed then, in exchange for your time, I’ll offer you FREE 1:1 COACHING to help you improve your clients attraction efforts.


Many of my past clients hired me after signing up for an interview and free coaching session as it’s a great opportunity to experience working with me.

That said, this is not a discovery session or sales call. It’s a trade of time and a free opportunity to connect 1:1.

My intention is for your coaching experience feel clean, without the tension a sales conversation mixed in.

If you’re interested in my paid coaching services then you can schedule a discovery call by clicking “work with me” in the menu bar. Although, I recommend experiencing my free coaching session first. You can always come back and apply for a discovery call later.


We’ll meet for 30 minutes over Zoom and the time will be split in half. 15 minutes for the marketing research interview and 15 minutes of coaching for you.

Feel free to come to the free interview and coaching session with questions or just show up and see what happens.

If interested, fill out the application below and I’ll send you an email after looking it over.