free coaching & Research INterview

Are you a coach or holistic practitioner and would you like some free coaching to help you:

  • Grow a loyal Instagram following.
  • Respectfully sell your services.
  • Clarify your niche, offers and/or pricing.

I’ve been a coach for 11 years and as someone who understand the challenge of trying to balance offering my services out of care and love with earning a healthy income, I’m now passionate about helping other coaches and wellness practitioners grow their business through improving the value they’re able to offer online, while selling and for their clients.

In return for free coaching, All I ask for is a short marketing research interview to support me in improving my content and offers.

“My (free) session with Jonah was TERRIFICALLY BENEFICIAL. “

~ Hanna Jane Fleckenstein

What To Expect During Your Free Coaching Session:

  • We’ll start with me asking you questions about your business for marketing research. This often brings to the surface challenges or missing pieces in your marketing and sales efforts that I can support you with.
  • You can also ask me anything you’d like related to Instagram, marketing, respectful selling and/ or my personal experience in the coaching industry.

I will not be pitching or selling anything.

If you’re considering my coaching services then this is a great way to see what coaching with me is like. Just let me know at the end of the session if you’d like to chat about my services and we’ll schedule a follow up discovery session.


We’ll meet for 40 minutes on Zoom and the time will be split in half. 20 minutes for the marketing research interview and 20 minutes of free coaching.

“With there being 15 mins of Jonah asking questions and the remaining 15 mins allotted to my questions for him, I thought it would be a rushed and very surface level call.

However, that’s not what happened! Jonah took his time responding to any questions I had and I didn’t feel rushed at all. His compassionate marketing approach is very inspiring.

~ Maureen Tran

Fill out the application below and I’ll send you an email after I look it over.