Research Interview & Free Coaching Session

I have a goal to interview 300 coaches for marketing research?

(As of April 2022, I’ve completed almost 150 interviews.)

I’ll use what you share with me for Instagram content ideas and future offerings.

In exchange for an interview, I’ll offer you free 1:1 COACHING.

We’ll meet on Zoom and I’ll ask you some questions about your experience as a coach and business owner (It’s ok if you’re brand new to coaching.) After I interview you then I’ll support you in any way that you’d like.

Here is a few ways I can support you:

  • I can share with you what I see as your biggest blind spots or missing pieces in your efforts to get clients.
  • You can ask me questions related to Instagram marketing or sales strategy.
  • You can get feedback on your Instagram page, sale page or your niche.
  • Or just show up and see what magic we can create together.

I’ll also do my best to offer a safe and empathetic coaching experience where all of you is welcome, including fears, doubts, confusion, limiting beliefs or shameful thoughts.

Is this a discovery session (or sales call)?

No. If you’re interested in my coaching services, then let me know and we’ll schedule a separate follow up discovery session to discuss working together. Discover sessions are an additional 30 to 45 minutes.

“My session with Jonah was TERRIFICALLY BENEFICIAL. I was hopeful he would be able to provide me with expert advice and that certainly was the case. I appreciate the many insights he shared!” ~ Hanna Jane Fleckenstein

“I had a great session with Jonah. The first 15 minutes where he asked me questions was very easy going and fun to answer. The second 15 minutes he had a quick look over my IG profile and gave some feedback. WELL WORTH THE TIME to have a call with Jonah” ~ Ali Errett

“I had no expectations going into the coaching session but I knew I needed some help with my business. Honestly Jonah HELPED ME SO MUCH! It was so nice having someone that didn’t know me personally give me feedback and advice on my business. I feel a renewed sense of purpose in my business which was completely needed and I know what changes I need to make to make my business successful after only one coaching session! I highly recommend!” ~ Jaime Koehler


We’ll meet for 30 minutes on Zoom and the time will be split in half. 15 minutes for the marketing research interview and 15 minutes of coaching for you.

Fill out the application below and I’ll send you an email after I look it over.