Single Coaching Session

I offer single coaching sessions for the following purposes:

  • To support those who don’t need or aren’t ready to invest in ongoing coaching and would like to occasionally receive my support with their marketing or sales strategy. 
  • To offer an opportunity for those who are experiencing a business emergency, either strategic or emotional, and could use some help asap.  (Sometimes we just need someone to help us most past a tough moment.)

A few ways you can use your session:

  • Option 1: Bring a clear idea of what you’d like support with related to your niche, Instagram, online marketing or sales strategy and we’ll tackle it together. 
  • Option 2: Write down a list of questions you’d like to ask me and we’ll bust through them.
  • Option 3: Come prepared to talk about your doubt, anxiety or mindset challenges and I’ll offer empathy and hopefully I’ll have some wisdom to share that will help you find clarity and ease.  

What you won’t get from these sessions. 

  • I won’t be available for follow up questions and feedback after the session.
  • I won’t read over any material before the session. 

(If you need consistent coaching and would like my ongoing support between sessions, you can learn about my core coaching program by emailing me at


  • You’re welcome to book 1 session every 3 months at the discounted rate of $100. (If you’d like more than 1 session within 3 month then the cost will be either $300 per session or $5000 for my core coaching program.)

Sessions last 60 minutes and we’ll meet on Zoom

Schedule your session below.