Single Coaching Session

I offer single coaching sessions as an alternative way to work with me for those who don’t need to or aren’t ready to invest in my CORE coaching service

A few ways you can use this session:

  • Get help clarifying your coaching niche. (It’s rare that the perfect niche arises from one session, so well get as far as we can.)
  • Get feedback and suggestions to up-level and modernize your Instagram marketing strategy to grow your page with loyal followers.
  • Put together a respectful sales & enrollment process so that more of your followers become clients.

What you won’t get from this sessions. 

  • I won’t be available for follow up questions and feedback after the session.
  • I won’t read over any material before the session. 

If you’d like more in-depth coaching to help you grow your IG and or enroll more clients, you can learn more about my CORE coaching service here.

Price & Logistics:

  • You’re welcome to book 1 session every 3 months at the discounted rate of $100. (If you need more than 1 session within 3 month then the cost is either $300 per session or $3000 for my CORE coaching service.)
  • Sessions last 60 minutes and we’ll meet on Zoom

Schedule your session below.