But for now here is a free gift that ends after January.



Are you a Holistic Practitioner, Coach, or Workshop Leader?

My name if Jonah Richman, and I’d like to offer you a free gift to help you



So many healers and coaches are offering powerful and important work, but they aren’t seeing as many clients as they’d like.

Unfortunately, patience and more training is not enough to grow a successful healing practice.

Client attraction, which includes being appreciated and respected for your gifts, is a skill that every entrepreneur needs to invest time and energy into.


The gift I would like to offer is an hour of my time to support you in reaching more clients who need you.

I have 7 years of experience growing a healing practice and teaching workshops, I have studied the arts of client attraction from top leaders in the field, and I know what it’s like to be passionate about my work, but still struggle to pay the rent. By tweaking how I attract clients, I’ve been able to earn more income, help more people, and grow as a person.


I am offering this session for free because it makes me sad seeing so many healers make the same mistakes that I used to make.

Offering a free hour of support is also part of my own client attraction strategy. It gives you the opportunity to learn more about me and experience the benefits of my work.


All you need is a phone that I can call you on and you’re ready to schedule a session.

What happens in a Grow Your Practice Session?

In this private 60 minute session, we look at 3 main areas:

  1. Your challenges when it come to attracting clients and earning the income you’d like.
  2. Your business vision and goals.
  3. And I’ll give you my best recommendations to help you attract more clients and achieve your vision.


Recent Feedback

“Had a very power filled coaching session with Jonah today! I really had no idea what to expect, nor was I entering with any anxiety. Met Jonah at an NVC Leadership training in 2013. Experienced him as very authentic and supportive then; and now feel very confident in his skill to support someone in moving forward with their healing business.

I didn’t know what to expect and felt from the beginning Jonah had a “plan” and vision for facilitating the conversation. His questions opened my thinking and helped me make connections I hadn’t previously. The recommendations he made were very empowering-something I identified as wanting from the call. Thanks, Jonah for offering this rich service. A true gift.”

-Pandora Taylor


The free offer ends at the end of January 2017. (Limit: One per person)


 I look forward to connecting with you!