1-on-1 Coaching

What you get as a coaching client:

  • Guidance on updating your online marketing strategies so that you can authentically invite more fans to become clients and/or students.
  • Support and feedback on your marketing content such as website copy, social media posts, emails, and/or videos with the goal of making them authentic and meaningful to your audience.  
  • Support with designing your paid offers so that they’re aligned with what your people want.
  • Support in gaining deeper levels of inner confidence and connection to your heart as you promote your business online.

Coaching sessions last 1 hour and take place over Zoom Video Conference.


There are a lot of marketing and businesses coaches around these days and many of them charge $350 or more for a 1-on-1 session.

I’m grateful to temporarily be able to offer what I believe to be very high quality and effective business coaching at lower rates.


  • Receive some serious feedback and advice on your online marketing strategy- 1 session – $125.
  • Discover what ongoing coaching with Jonah can do for your business – 5 Session package – $500.

Am I the right coach for you?

Let’s find out in a free 20 minute meet and greet.

In our 20 minute meet and greet I’ll ask you questions to get a sense of your goals and challenges.

And then I’ll share with you what I recommend we focus on to help your business grow.

You can trust that I won’t feel bad or resentful in any way if you choose not to hire me.

I use these meetings as opportunities to offer free marketing support and as marketing research, so we’ll both benefit no matter what.