CORE 1:1 Coaching SERVICE

Have Me On Your Team As You Grow A Meaningful Coaching Business

Six months of 1-on-1 business coaching for coaches, healer & change-makers.

“Last fall I had 2 clients from Instagram. With Jonah’s help, NOW I’VE ENROLLED OVER 40 CLIENTS.

I love my people. Every client is an ideal client and I don’t even have my website done yet. Every time I get on a coaching call with Jonah, I know what we were going to focus on and then I leave and OMG it was the best coaching call.”

Molly Wilder – Divorce and Relationship Coach


With all the different social media platforms, marketing funnels, launch strategies, copywriting templates, podcasting, and YouTube…

… it can be overwhelming for many coaches to figure out how to attract clients, especially when you’re wanting to do it using ethical strageties.


A coach currently earning 0 to 40k per year needs to learn different strategies than a coach currently earning 80k to 200k a year.

I help coaches in the early stage (0 to 40k per year) who often have the following challenges….

Do you relate to any of these?

  • You may not value money for materialistic reasons, but you still need get your yearly business income up for your business to last.

  • You can’t seem to get many people to inquire about your services.

  • You struggle to come up with ideas for social media posts and wonder how other coaches are able to keep creating content for years on end.

  • You aren’t sure how much to price your services and both the idea of undercharging and overcharging make you uncomfortable.

  • You get tongue tied when someone asks you what you do.

  • You don’t yet have a coaching niche or you think you might have one but other people don’t seem to be quite getting it.

Some coaches skip early stage skills and then spend years repeatedly updating their website and not getting any clients. 


It’s common for coaches to market and sell their services from an energetic place of personal need.

When you’re writing marketing content or you’re talking to an interested potential client, coming from a place of needing them to sign up can cause them to be unsafe and not trust you. 

Compassion led marketing and sales is about knowing how to utilize different parts of yourself at different times…

…so that clients experience the part of you that helps them to trust that you can help them (and that’s not the desperate or doubtful parts of you.)

In addition, many coaches struggle to remain authentic when they have a goal to make money. 

Being inauthentic (as in the opposite of authentic) is actually an instinctual strategy for gaining love and acceptance. Children who aren’t seen and loved for their true self develop a false persona in order to get love.

“When authenticity threatens attachment, attachment trumps authenticity.” ~Dr. Gabar Mate

Marketing our coaching business can be a special opportunity to heal and develop an inner trust that our true self is not only good enough, but makes you the perfect coach for the right people.

This doesn’t mean that I recommend you don’t do things that are uncomfortable. It means that your brand (the way you present yourself) aligns with your authentic and compassionate self.

It’s been an amazing experience working with Jonah! He is a great listener and understands what you are going through as an entrepreneur. His approach to marketing is authentic and not pushy. It’s a more human way to find clients. He has a way of pushing you past your limits in an empathetic and genuine way. I highly recommend Jonah!

Nichole DeYulis – Confidence Speaking Coach

my personal experience growing businesses

I taught Nonviolent Communication and offered various forms of relationship coaching for 8 years before I started teaching marketing and sales.

While participating in sales and marketing programs and working with business coaches 1on1, I experimented with a number of different coaching niches.

Every time I changed my niche started at the beginning again.

But, you know what? Each time I was able to successfully sell my offers, which included 1-on-1 coaching packages and a year long group program that I ran for two years. This is because I knew how to authentically market and sell.


1. Get Your Systems Dialed In So Your Ready For Your Calendar Can Fill Up With Clients

A lot of coaches have mixed feelings about enrolling clients. They want them but they also worry about not being able to help them or not being able to manage all the responsibility. We’ll work together on mitigating your nerves and setting up your systems so that you’re ready for your coaching calendar to fill up.

2. Claim Your Aligned Niche & Core Message

If you’re like many coaches, you’ve watched YouTube videos on how to choose a coaching niche, but you’re still having a hard time choosing one. That’s because niching is tough and it takes time. Your niche is literally the core of your business. I’ll help you find a niche that you feel powerful and confident in. And you’ll speak about it in ways that make your services appealing.

3. Grow A Loyal Online Following 

Gaining attention online can feel like going back to high school. You can try really hard to be one of the popular kids or you can just be yourself and relax into the real you. If you do this right then growing your following online will be easier and a lot more enjoyable.

4. Respectful Make Offers

Respectful selling takes courage with zero aggression. You know the excitement and nervousness that you feel when asking someone out on a date and they say “yes”? That’s a very similar feeling to learning how to sell. It’s both a little scary and exciting.

5. Overcome Self Sabotage and Blind spots

Self sabotage can look like chasing one strategy after the next, working endlessly on your website, going through cycles of elation and panic, losing sleep, over-editing before posting or overthinking before launching a new offering. I’ll help you overcome self sabotage by getting down to the source of the behavior and feelings. This can feel intense at times, but it will change the way you show up in your business.


$3k for 6 months of coaching. 

Heres a short video where I share the story of my first significant investment in my business.


  • 3 months of 1-on-1 coaching. (I’ve worked with clients for different amounts of time and 6 months is a the minimum amount of time needed for us to make significant progress in your business.)
  • We’ll meet every other week, totaling 13 sessions. (You’re guaranteed 13 sessions, even if it takes us longer than 6 months to complete them. This allows for us to miss weeks or take breaks due to vacations, illness or personal reasons.)
  • Handouts and educational materials to support your learning and implementation between sessions.
  • Email or IG messaging support. You’re welcome to ask me questions or send me materials for feedback between sessions (I’ll reply and offer feedback within reason.)


Step 1:

Sign up for a free coaching session in exchange for a short research interview. This is available to all coaches whether or not you’re interested in my CORE 1on1 coaching service. This is a mutually beneficial opportunity for us to connect and get to know each other. 

Step 2:

After your free session and research interview, if I feel like you’re the right fit and you’re still interested, then we’ll schedule a follow up discovery session.

(Since I offer my free sessions from step 1 very generously, I only schedule discovery sessions with those who are seriously interested in my CORE coaching service.)